Thursday, 12 May 2011


I am making some fortune teller dolls at the moment and Lilith is the first , literally. As Adam's first wife she gets a bad press. She had long hair and didn't want to be submissive (apparently this makes her very bad). I don't blame her for going off with an archangel.

All the dolls will be made from old kid leather gloves but she has a beaded body in a snakey kind of way. I've given her cherry red hair with snake extensions .

The fortune telling section is a concertina frill sewn onto the front which will hold the fortunes. Hers is beaded and has lines from my favourite poem 'The Stolen Child' by Yeats written on the silk.

She now has a bias cut silk dress and a dark red velvet cape lined in the same silk. Inside the cape is an embroidery of a silver apple tree with golden apples.


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