Friday, 25 January 2013

Hands on

The second part of this commission is the cuffs...two of them !!! The jabot was designed to represent the law and order side of my client but the cuffs are symbolic of the architectural practice she runs with her husband. The only stipulation in this brief was the Westmorland rose and gables !! I have used a linking gable motif to create a very ornate edge to the cuffs but the rose and its leaves hold the design together as in the jabot. From the wrist there are leaf tiles which overlap the rose leaves which in turn overlap the gables. I managed to get an eye in though disguised as a leaf !

The cuffs are being made as semi circular pieces to be seen flat rather than gathered up which means they have to 'do up' at the back. To do this I have made a little arched half window motif with tiny buttonholes in the lace construction itself. When the cuffs are done up the two halves of the window come together at the back of the sleeve.


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