Monday, 30 January 2017


 To start the year I think a little map is in order. I realised that I have three blogger blogs, a tumblr account, two Etsy shops and a website ! My corner of the internet may need some arrows.....

The Glass Pingle: This one here where I show my work as it gets done with studio shots and work in progress.
Thread Management: My experiences of being artist in residence to Imperial colleges vascular surgery department. There is nothing for the squeamish to worry about but there are needle and procedural references.
The Museum for Objects of Vertu: this documents the objects in the museum in the corner of my studio.It is where I examine delicate ideas .Sometimes it opens to the public.

The Glass Pingle Studio on tumblr : here is a lot of stuff that inspires me ( I've linked to the archive page as that is how I use it but you can navigate to the main page).

➳➳The Glass Pingle on Etsy: all my embroidered buttons and jewellery
➳➳Fleur Oakes On Etsy: the big stuff when there is some to sell.

Fleur Oakes: The website , finished work and commission information.


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