Thursday, 19 April 2018

Imperial Festival

 As you may know I am one of the artists in residence with Imperial College London working mainly with the vascular surgery unit. On the weekend of the 28th April I will be taking part in their annual festival where the public are allowed in to see what happens in the college.


  The work that I have done called 'The Textile Body' will be there on show to discuss and explore with the public.
  I also talk about this piece and my experience as an embroiderer working with surgeons on this blog,


and I assure you it is suitable for the squeamish !!!! and it is the fact that it is not squirmy that we will be demonstrating  in the Queens Tower rooms at the South Kensington campus near the Victoria and Albert museum.

Please come and say hello!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Shiny and New

  Yes, all shiny and new, that is to say that my website has got lots of new images on!  All of the stumpwork leaves and Gleipnir and Sheela-na -Gig and Goblin Market and some things for sale too!
  Where work is for sale it is clearly priced and you can simply contact me through the website for that (see the 'about ' button at the bottom).



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