Thursday, 1 May 2014


   Imagine you had to sew like this ! I had a go last Saturday and it isn't easy, especially as I was sewing real skin....well pig bowel to be precise. I was part of a an interactive discussion with a group of surgeons and craftspeople brought together by Professor Roger Kneebone.(see previous post). We talked needles, one-handed knots, stitching in the round and what the body smells like inside....not a lot apparently. Embroiderers and surgeons face common technique challenges and some not so common, my material is not slippery and alive and they don't have to worry about what their sewing  looks like. 
   When sewing in a circle either on a hoop stand or attaching a cornea we all have to struggle to turn ourselves and not the 'work'.Some of our needles are the same..'leather' needles are also 'cutting' needles and we all use squissors. Your insides are often stitched with two slip knots and an overhand knot to secure which gives flexibility to a join .I may request a faggot stitch in future !!!


Felicity said...

suturing is great fun! try it on an aubergine - it's not too slippery :)

kelp is another step up though. It writhes and slides around in a very disconcerting way

Megan/Elmsley Rose said...

That conference sounds very very cool.

Unknown said...

Wow Fleur,
I was directed to your blog by someone from my class, Cabinet of Curiosities, and I have been blown away. I came to search out the way you made your fern, way back in 2011, and it has helped a lot. I will certainly be coming back for more inspiration. Thanks. Leslie-Ann

the glass pingle said...

'glad to be of service !


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