Tuesday, 26 August 2014


    It's that time of year again...getting ready for the Knit and Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace, London. The dates have been extended this year so we start on Wednesday the 8th October and go through to Sunday the 12th..........which means I'm buttoning away ! One new line are the lucky clovers, part of my 1930's range.
    I am also going to revamp some older lines after spending the afternoon gathering all my designs from the last five years worth of sketchbooks into one new one  (oh the joy of a new sketchbook). I found this lovely long thin khadi paper book whilst teaching at West Dean over the weekend and it's perfect for my button designs. As a consequence I will bring back Goblin Market in particular.
 What inspires all this ? Have a look at my Tumblr page......

Sunday, 10 August 2014


'just finished embroidering some runes for buttons. There are three in this set, the runes for love, protection and luck. Each has a garland edge with symbolic herbs and flowers associated with each rune so love has violets, comfort has lavender and luck has thyme. They will be on Etsy when they are complete.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Studio stuff

..the state of my studio desk at the moment, making wallflower butttons

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Lacrimae rerum

...the tears of things.This is still in progress, more moths to come and some other things to make.Essentially a pile of old books with embroidery !

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Art is Unity

'just got back from a trip to Cumbria with the Art Workers' Guild. We had been invited up by Grizedale Arts to be involved with their long running community project with the Conniston Institute. There was little in the way of a brief as it was a 'go see' kind of mission but never the less, being artists, we did stuff ! The public were invited to come and learn or just observe the various master crafts people there and many did ! I teamed up with Rachael Matthews of PYF and we decided that various aspects of the institute needed attention. The Ruskin museum is situated at the back of the main hall and there is a large collection of Ruskin lace in it. It was developed as a form of income for local people and combines drawn thread work with needlelace techniques. We took the idea and started developing some ways of making lace that could be printed with . Rachael had a huge roll of jute with her and we made various pieces to explore simple ways to improve the floor and chairs !The above photo shows how I turned a chair into a loom and then made a strip of needlelace on it . This was then wrapped around a roll of masking tape and made into a printing roller by Daniel Heath , another member of the team.

The complete story can be found on the Guilds' Tumblr

Sunday, 4 May 2014


What inspires me ?? Quite a lot ,usually organic things like leaves unfurling , crystalline structures and things under the microscope. I have amassed quite a lot of pictures and so decided to create a tumblr page to put it all on. (you may have noticed the link on the sidebar ). Everything I do is underpinned by my love of art and nature so this is the easiest way to answer that most oft asked question ! and a chance to show other people's work too.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


   Imagine you had to sew like this ! I had a go last Saturday and it isn't easy, especially as I was sewing real skin....well pig bowel to be precise. I was part of a an interactive discussion with a group of surgeons and craftspeople brought together by Professor Roger Kneebone.(see previous post). We talked needles, one-handed knots, stitching in the round and what the body smells like inside....not a lot apparently. Embroiderers and surgeons face common technique challenges and some not so common, my material is not slippery and alive and they don't have to worry about what their sewing  looks like. 
   When sewing in a circle either on a hoop stand or attaching a cornea we all have to struggle to turn ourselves and not the 'work'.Some of our needles are the same..'leather' needles are also 'cutting' needles and we all use squissors. Your insides are often stitched with two slip knots and an overhand knot to secure which gives flexibility to a join .I may request a faggot stitch in future !!!


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