Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Silk henge

  My last piece in this series, the silk henge charm. A little while ago there were some remarkable images in National Geographic of this odd little structure found in the Amazon jungle.Soon it was found that it was in fact an undiscovered spider's web. If you are not troubled by spiders here is the film of what they saw .
  As natural structures are a favourite with me I could not resist recreating this web as a protective  charm. The centre is the creche so to speak of this little critter and how she has managed to evade the gaze of mankind for so long I do not know but good for her.
 And so this is the series complete, click on 'charms' in the labels menu to the right to see them all.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A witch's ladder

 These mysterious objects are usually made with any yarn or string with chicken feathers threaded through the fibres along its length. The idea is that each feather is put in with 'intention' and that is activated when the feather is removed.
 My ladder is for escaping your troubles, my string was made on a lucet with fine embroidery thread and my feathers are from owls and pheasants (donated not stolen!).
  This is the fourth from my series of charms.


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