Friday, 26 February 2010

The Ghosts of Winter...a plan

The first major project of the year is a second 'flat' corset (see' In my garden I am Queene'). I will be adding to this post as I go..........
Inspiration list:
frost , death, rebirth , dandelion clocks, geranium leaves , the green man , faerie mounds and spider webs .
This will be a layered affair with beading , needlelace and 3d embroidery.The hare above is one of three animals which will be leaping through the leaves. It took fifteen hours to complete using a hand dyed silk floss and a big magnifying lense !!!!. The finished hare measures about 12cm long so the detail shots are at least double the actual size

These images are of the actual corset at several stages, the first being the pencil tracing for the beading.

..frosted geraniums

..the first embroidery

.... a pile of dandelions

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