Sunday, 29 April 2012

blown like a leaf in the wind

I have been wanting to attempt the fine work that I see on 17th C. caskets for a while now . I usually use needlelace for my raised 'bits' but I have a new piece of work which requires stumpwork.

First the cordonnet itself. No crochet thread ( needlelace) as it is too bulky. I have used fine brass jewellery wire . This can be shaped around tight corners with the needle as you go.

Then the buttonhole edging after filling in . Here it is a single brussels stitch and tightly packed stitches (at a rather scary 900 stitches per square inch). As I go I have made sure that the final stitch in each row is wrapped twice around the wire cordonnet. This is to make the final edge to be as accurate to my drawing as possible with no detraction from the look of the leaf.
The result is a very firm little leaf not too much heavier than the original it was copied from. I was going to try and put veins in but that idea rapidly went out the window ! There will be two more each with a different problem to solve.

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Rob Ryan said...

Lost glove buttons, secret garden studios, galleons atiny leaves and plants; a secret world in my city in my lifetime, I had no idea...!
rr x


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