Friday, 8 June 2012

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense

I made this piece in 2008 but lost all the pictures in the great computer crash !!! As you can see it is a black satin late Victorian style corset , fully steel boned with silver 'beading'. Except it's not beading.......

  I spent a long time going to charity shops and bric-a-brac shops to find old tins of pins. They had to have a large head and it seems that only old pins have this.I lost count of how many I used and how long it took to insert them all. The pattern I made was of large peonies, leaves, snails and  Death's Head hawk moths.
  The base was made to hold the corset as if it were on a dress stand but so that you can see inside and view all the pin shafts. They form a wondrous fur-like texture in some areas.I wanted them to rust into position but they seem to be too good a quality for that !

1 comment:

elmsley rose said...

What a *wonderful* piece of textile conceptual art!!!


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