Thursday, 26 July 2012

The view from my studio

 One of the views from my studio is of the vast tiled roof of a 14th C. tithe barn. There is moss growing between every tile and lichen growing everywhere. I am very fond of the moss as it looks like little islands especially when it flowers.Making lichen in stumpwork is a bit of a challenge, not least because it is black underneath and raises up when wet then flattens out when dry. I went for the wet version and took a tip from the 17thC. ladies and coloured the underside with conte pastel.  This piece, together with the dead leaves, will be on show in a couple of places soon ( 'will update this post with details).

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K-D Stephens said...

The pale green Lichen, can I ask how much you would charge for something like this please?
I'm having a woodland handfasting at the end of July and wanted a hand-made 'bouquet' made, but I'm thinking smaller is better, a friend is making me pale dusky pink flowers in felt but the lichen is the perfect thing to drop down, like it does from the trees!
Please let me know, what you have created is so beautiful, I can't even describe how I feel about it xx


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