Friday, 26 April 2013

On their way

 'finally something new for Etsy .......being made and then packed up ready to go ! These are a new line , a 'Posy set' of three different buttons all embroidered in the same colour hand dyed threads. In each set there is one button covered in french knots (millefiore), one a triple buttonhole wheel (old cushion) and the last one a cluster of lazy daisies ( wallflower).I am using my stash of lovely hand dyed threads that I get from the fairs so some are silk, some are wool/silk and there is a linen/silk mix too. They will be for sale for £15  plus postage.


elmsley rose said...

Oh! They would be so lovely on a winter cardy.

elmsley rose said...

The Thistle Thread Stumpwork class members have visited your blog, and wept. Just so you know!

the glass pingle said... just made my day !!!!
Fleur x


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