Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Knit and Stitch and done!


  This show is a bit like Christmas, you spend so long getting ready and then it's all over again before you know it...Thankyou to everyone for shopping and being supportive!
  I went shopping too, of course, and found two new lovely yarn/thread dyers to recommend.
 Bizi Bee Embroidery have the most lovely dyed silks I have used yet. The test for me is always the bullion knot stitch as it is invariably my nemesis especially when teaching ! This stuff was like a dream, no snagging, no knotting back just smooth and effortless. I sat and made a button with it , trying out various raised stitches ,all worked perfectly and under bad lighting with people watching!!(They are a new company so if you have difficulty ordering the details on the business card are beatrice@bizibeeembroidery.com) The other company was Renaissance Dyeing who I found on the last day.Their fine wools are natural dyed with Elizabethan methods and are so soft !! A lovely colour range too so I got a few to try out.
   Mab had quite a lot to say for herself over the week and raised some money for my local hospice too.She is the second of four that I have planned so maybe next year they will all be there !
   I have a few small projects planned now plus a Christmas open studio day which I will write about soon. There will be also be one day course at West Dean college for needlelace Christmas decorations on the 2nd of December, booking here.

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