Friday, 18 March 2016

Diabetic lace...done !

5.Normal ER

   As previously mentioned I've just exhibited a series of needlelace panels depicting cell change in diabetes. In total there are six circular pieces mounted in an old gramophone record album. Each is worked in a lovely crimson silk from Gloriana.
  It was clear from the start that I wouldn't be making a traditional piece of lace so I decided on anarchy as my main technique ! Loose tension in the backround,completely floating cordonnets,some things which don't have names and lots of picots. Each piece took about 7-8 hours from couching through to releasing from the pad. (photo of no.6 on its' way)

1.Normal mitochondria

2.Mitochondrial destruction

3.Normal insulin containing granules

4.Electron dense glycogen particles


Sparkly Rock Girl said...

These are fantastic! A great idea, beautifully executed.

Godalming, UK

the glass pingle said...

many thanks !!


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