Friday, 22 May 2020

Faery Fellers

 I was asked a while back to submit a piece of work to a project devised by the poet Tom Sharp. He has written an extraordinary piece called 'The Weeping Cufflinks' revealing the true and otherworldly nature of the financial markets and city traders.He called together artists from many disciplines to create their own response to this and then the virus struck.....Not to be put off by this the works are now being shown initially on an instagram account 'Faery Fellers' with a website to follow.

 This copy of the Financial Times is quite clearly the property of Christina Rossetti's goblins, in fact the only legible words on it are 'come buy' with the terrible consequences of greed being hidden under ink. The tell tale berries are growing through the header though, dark and addictive, the fragile paper sagging under the hidden glama of the trader fae. It is a rare glimpse of reality, the correlation between paper and money and human commodities. This copy had been left on a tree stump....on April 1st.


As the scroll rolls on.... for future reference the specific links to instagram are as follows...

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