Thursday, 13 March 2008

'Here's a pin and here's a pingle......'

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted my own small shop , bow fronted with a window display of curious objects. Since then I have also been to art college , developed an obsesssion with anything from 1870 to 1937 , become a corset maker and maintained a passion for small interesting objects. And now I want the shop !!! so a virtual one will suffice.

The first item in the shop window is a corset......

This detail is from the Faerie Corset , inspired by the Yeats poem 'The Stolen Child'. It is an organdie corset , Edwardian in shape , and decorated with the remains of a gold embroidered Victorian mat. The satin background had all shredded so I carefully remounted the trimmings and metal embroidery onto the corset along with some 1920's glass bubble beads, ribbon and feathers. I'm thinking of putting something inside as a half lining , possibly in paper .
The full size images can be seen on my website

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