Thursday, 6 February 2014

Good Needlework

I've embroidered a frock,
   And I've sewn the long seams,
While I stitched up a heartache
   And mended my dreams.

I've patched a torn garment,
   And darned a big rent
While I've worked in new hopes
   And a sweeter content.

Why stitching brings gladness,
   Or ease for Life's pain,
And healing from sadness,
   I cannot explain.

But for little hopes baffled,
   And foolish tears shed,
I have sought and found comfort
   With needle and thread.

from The Book of Good Needlework no.4  ( 1930's)


Jennifer H said...

I saw the picture of you working in your studio on the Needleprint blog, and wondered what brand you use for the stand and hoop? Thank you...I knew of no other way in which to contact you.

Jennifer H.

Jennifer H said...

PS you do rather amazing needlework!


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